Industrial piping

AFT Industry provides a large choice of services from simple pipe assemblies to complete installations requiring engineering consulting. Depending on your constraints and specifications, our team is able to provide services in plastic and stainless steel pipes.


Plastic piping

AFT Industry is able to provide installations in PVC ( Polychlorure de vinyle ), PEHD (Polyéthylène haute densité), PPH (Polypropylène), PVDF (Polyfluorure de vinylidene), E-CTFE (Chlorotrifluoroéthylène), PETG (Polyéthylène Téréphtalate Glycol), PC (Polycarbonate), PMMA (Polyméthacrylate de Méthyl).

Stainless steel piping

AFT Industry has acquired savoir-faire in the conception and relization of pipes using stainless steel used for example for pharmaceutical or food-processing activities.




Industrial maintenance


Installation of new elements

Commitment for quality

Welding endoscopy


AFT can provide ou with a complete file also containing a video DVD of our weldings.